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Baja Announces Flights to Japan

Baja Announces New Flights to Japan! 

Effective November 16th; new services for airline flights between Tijuana - Narita, Japan - Mexico City will begin. The Baja California State Tourism chief, Alejandro Moreno Medina revealed that the first flight would leave Mexico City in the evening on the 16th and will arrive at the Narita International Airport on Saturday the 18th. Services will be on a Boeing 777 jet courtesy of AeroMéxico Airlines and is schedule to depart twice weekly.

 These new flights to Japan are forecasting an increase of Japanese tourism to the Baja area. Baja is estimating that in no time, the two flights per week will just not be enough for the increase in Japanese tourism. Baja sees this inauguration of the new flights as an opportunity to benefit many of the local businesses and therefore is well welcomed by the people of Baja.  
Published Thursday, November 9, 2006 11:01 PM by Zinnia Q.


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