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The Way Life Really is in Baja

Being in real estate is very interesting in Baja. I want to do a blog that really informs people on what it is REALLY like behind the scenes.

First of all you might want to know that Real Estate here can be BRUTAL. That is an understatement. It is a profession you have to really want to stick it out. There are rivaling  real estate companies out here. Lots of drama! :) Drama Drama Drama!!  Better have a thick skin or grow one.

I started a business approximately two years ago. It is an extention of our real estate business that has been in our family Since 1961. After a few months Angie and I knew it was not the right fit for us.  We took off on our own to start Baja Online Realty with my associate Angie. You will hear a lot about Angie.  She excels where I lack and vica versa. I know there are a lot of people that want to come down and do real estate here. Just know it is not as easy as it looks. Please whatever you do find someone to mentor you.  There is no free easy ride.

Once we hired a young man that was so excited about being part of our team. On the way home from Rosarito he was pulled over in T.J. and had to pay a ticket. He called and told us he was not going to work down here because it scared him. I could not believe that one incident ran him off like that But if that small incident deterred him than he would not have made it anyway.

You all hear about the Baja Boom right? Angie and I are very busy, sometimes too busy. We do our best to take care of our clients and to build our business. We are not looking for mass amounts of people to work for us. Some of the companies hire people just to hire them.  Angie and I are very selective. We look for the cream of the crop. We look for people we can trust and who have a good work ethic. Our company is truly a family. We go out together for dinner and socialize during the day. That is just the way it is here. You get very close to the other people that live here.

Just recently we won a H3 hummer for our sales in the a development. The contest was open to all agents and Angie and I were lucky enough to have the sales to win. We are pretty happy with that accomplishment, however, the Hummer stays in the garage most of the time. This is Angies baby  and she is very protective over it. I have to laugh. She won't even let me drive it. Oh well. I am best left on the passenger side anyway. You should see how I drive. Ugh!

The other night a group of us went to the Rosarito Beach Hotel for Kareokee Night.  I am a night person but I am usually working to the wee hours of the morning in my home. We all got up there and sang and made fools of ourselves, it was so fun. You should join us sometime.:) The night went pretty well. Angie got up and sang "My Boyfriends Back". Berenice and I were her back up singers. As the night progressed I was pretty much driven out of the room because of smoke inhalation!!!  They do not have strick smoking laws here! Angie says I am a wimp.....

Today we went to Las Rocas for a tour. What an incredible spa. I absolutely think that is my favorite part of the coast line here. It is incredibly calming. As hectic as my life is, it was very nice to have that break.

What I would like is for people to share about their experiences in this area.  Perhaps with knowledge about the area people from other parts of the world will feel more comfortable here..

Bienvenido, welcome to Baja


Published Tuesday, May 15, 2007 9:21 PM by Laura Tierney


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