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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Antics of Angie and Laura in Tijuana How many Baja Realtors does it take to open an umbrella??

Wrong way on a One Way Street

Tijuana Mexico
Well you think I may be talking about something serious but this is a funny story. Berenice took us through Tijuana on our way to my wonderful doctor. Just for your information, when you think it can't be done.............Think again. :) this is how Berenice takes a shortcut.
We do not suggest you do this on your own, you must be a professional like Berenice!!!!! I never thought when I moved down here to sell Baja Real Estate that I would be having so many adventures.
The last thing I remember Berenice saying is follow that blue car!!! As you can see we are taking a shortcut which Berenice says.........Go Go Go! Why are all the cars facing us?Could it be a "ONE WAY STREET"????????? Thank you Bere for our Tijuana driving lesson. :)

How many Baja Online Realtors does it take to open an umbrella????

True story. When you are trying to be sophisticated Realtors in Baja and show property in a professional manner we suggest you follow the awe inspiring feat of opening an unbrella so when the clients arrive, the property looks its best. Opening an umbrella is a bit beyond Patty and Angies capabillity. Now mind you, you would think two people could handle this. I was laughing so hard I could barely hold the camera. Angie is the serious one, she did not find the humor in this??? And why not Angie????


What happened to Patty?????? She's covering her head to protect the innocent.



Abandon ship! Angie trying to hide from the paparazzi! Little does she know how determined I can be.





Oh what the heck, lets give it one more try!!






Does this look right to you? Angie must think so, she's smiling!






Published Wednesday, July 4, 2007 7:44 PM by Laura Tierney


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