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Ensenada and Sonora What's Up?


Baja Region

While traditionally recognized for its expertise in all things tequila, in recent years Mexico has garnered great praise for its passion and dedication to the art of producing the perfect glass of wine. Be sure to check out the city of Ensenada, a beautiful coastal city that has not lost its small town charm. In addition to striking vistas of the Pacific Coast and Gulf of California, the city is within a day’s trip from the country’s three most prized wine-producing areas — San Antonio de las Minas, the San Vicente Valley and the Santo Tomas Valley. While enjoying one of Baja’s best vintages, travelers can take advantage of the region’s beloved cuisine, offering fine seafood dishes including shrimp tacos and ceviche. In September, the city is host to the Ensenada Seafood, Lobster and Tequila Festival, a delicious time for visitors looking to experience the regions very best in food and wine.

Sonora Region

Another area not to be overlooked is Mexico’s Sonora region. Although not as popular as the Baja region, Sonora is home to over half of Mexico’s vineyards, offering a picturesque destination for wine enthusiasts. Many of the wine grapes are actually shipped to the Baja region or even Arizona. As a result most wine is produced by local boutique wineries which offer visitors an intimate look into the region’s long and storied history with viticulture. Visitors looking to relax should visit Guaymas, home to both the mountains and the sea. Here vacationers can enjoy the beach, as well as local Yaqui tribe villages. In addition to local wine, visitors looking for another local drink should be sure to try Bacanora. This drink is produced from agave Pacifica and is named after the city from which it originated.

Published Thursday, September 20, 2007 7:06 PM by Laura Tierney


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