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03 24 08 Baja Real Estate: Financing Options

Premier VI -Purchase, Refinance, Cash-Out

The Best All Around Program

Full, Alt/Doc and Stated Qualifying for Primary, Second Homes, vacation homes and Investment3 year Penalty (3-2-1 Prepayment Penalty)DTI 42% & Minimum FICO (credit scores) of 660 can use this program

Stated Program: 75% LTV with FICO (credit scores) of 720 and reserve PITI requirements of 12-18 months –Case –by -case5 & 7 Year Hybrid Rates * Purchase and Cash-out Refinance Minimum Loan $100,000 * Maximum $2,500,000 * LTV’s vary according to loan amount 80% LTV for U.S. Citizens & U.S. Legal residents Canadians -casa-by-case  Contact Us for more information on loans. Many more available contact bajalaura@gmail.com for more information and many more loan programs. I will send you complete information on all loans available.


Published Monday, March 24, 2008 12:38 PM by Zinnia Q.


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