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Baja Real Estate Title Insurance for Americans complete with American Escrow


First Title Services, S de RL de CV is a Mexican Corporation formed by two partners with over 34 years of Title, Escrow and Baja Real Estate Experience in the United States. Their vision of providing a one-stop-shop of services to the Real Estate Community of Mexico started in late 2004. Both partners independently saw the need for Real Estate Services in Mexico to compliment the Real Estate Brokers and Agents that were already selling property to foreigners in Mexico.

Title Services

Although not new to Mexico, Title Insurance is now being made available to the thousands of property buyers in Mexico. Our focus is on making Title Policies available to the foreign investors in Mexico; however, we also hope to educate the local purchasers of the benefit of insuring their Real Estate Transactions.

Title Insurance exists to "Insure" the buyer, or lender against Title related issues when they purchase real property. Yes, the Mexican system of transferring property is a very good one, however, problems can exist which are impossible to see during the closing process. Just like in the United States, where there is also a very good system of recording transactions, Title Insurance is used on almost every transaction. Many buyers are lead to believe that because they are getting a bank trust or because they use a "Notario" to finalize the transaction that there cannot be any problems with the title. This concept is incorrect. The Notario's job is to do his/her due diligence to verify that all of the documents that are presented at the time of closing are accurate. If one of the parties has committed fraud in the transaction then the Notario would not have any way of knowing this so they would not be liable in the transaction. In that case, an Insurance Policy would cover the insured party up to the amount of the policy. Typically, the Title Company will defend the insured at their own expense and if they are not able to win a favorable result for their client, they will pay the amount of the damage up to a maximum of the amount listed on their policy.

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Published Thursday, April 3, 2008 5:52 PM by Zinnia Q.


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