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Baja California Real Estate: How can we all help?


1. Focus on balanced news article of the area: It is not a secret the news has blown the security issues in Baja out of proportion. You read a press release about one negative event in the area and everyone and their mothers pick it up and run it on the internet. By the time it has gone around most people think that one incident has happened 30 times and all the while it is the same. Bottom line, no country is exempt from problems.
2. For instance the Rosarito area has never been safer: The Mayor has actively put into effect many positive changes to the area, solely to give tourist security in knowing they are safe. The “tourist police” have been added to look after tourist coming to the area even though the area has always been a safe destination.
3. Sellers need to get realistic and lower prices on resale homes in Northern Baja: There is a catch 22 here. Sometimes the brokers tell their seller that their home is worth more than the market can bare. Unfortunately there are Brokers who do not put the best interest of clients and buyers ahead of their lust for more listings. They want the listing at any cost and the home just sits for years. It is up to the Brokers to let their clients know the truth. Just my opinion and not a very popular one at that.
4. Unfortunately we look like we need to ride out the recession: What more can I say to that. Ugh!
5. Investors need to make offers and ignore the sales price: It is only a number, make an offer for goodness sake. This is the very best time to buy Oceanfront property and no matter what anyone says it will hold its value in USA as well as Mexico. I think there is a limited supply of oceanfront if I am not mistaken. :0
6. Articles: Baja needs to pool together their resources and start a campaign of positive articles to offset all this ugliness.
7. Find a good realtor that has your interests in mind and don’t be afraid to negotiate. How do I elaborate on this? I have my opinions so be sure and call me if you need recommendations. But please hang in there and wheel and deal!

Published Wednesday, April 9, 2008 1:41 PM by Zinnia Q.


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