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Rosarito Negative News does not Deter Tourist

Ever looked up the word deter? Well I did and here is what it says: Deter: to discourage somebody from taking action or prevent something from happening, especially by making somebody feel afraid or anxious.

I think the press has done a pretty good job of deterring tourist from coming to Baja. Could there be a conspiracy here? Does somebody in the U.S. want to keep the money in America? Makes me wonder if "they" (media) have not systematically collaborated to destroy people’s faith in Baja. Even if it is not a conspiracy I think we need to blast this theory all over the news. We really don't need any basis for our attacts, do we?  Gotta keep up with the Jones. Tit for tat.

Do you think that our country is immune from gang violence, murder, drugs or other problems? Does someone have statistics I can post? Work with me here... :)

Good Grief, wake up people............don't be a part of the destruction of Baja.  Rosarito is safer than it ever has been. No one has worked harder to counter the effects of the bad press than Hugo Torres.


Now I had a great article from Que Pasa Baja and I lost it.

I am on a mission. I will find the article.

Okay I found it. This article is from Que Pasa Baja:

Rosarito Beach saw an improved memorial weekend tourism this year 2008 compared to previous years. In response, the town government center issued this communique:

This seaside city 20 miles south of San Diego had a better than expected turnout this Memorial Day weekend despite cooler weather, a tourism official said.

“Hotel occupancy was down slightly more than 20 percent from last year,” said Rosarito Convention & Visitors Bureau President Laura Wong. ‘That’s an improvement from Spring Break and is better than we expected with the less than perfect weather.”

“It is a hopeful sign for the summer,” she added.

Wong said the better-than expected turnout likely indicates that visitors are overcoming security concerns raised by media reports connected to the government’s crackdown on drug cartels.

“I believe people are realizing a few highly publicized incidents do not impact visitor safety,” she said. “With actions taken recently, Baja is safer than ever for its millions of visitors.”

As was the case with Spring Break and the Rosarito-Ensenada Bike Ride in April, no major crimes against visitors were reported. “It was basically another incident-free weekend,” Wong said.

Steps taken by new Rosarito Mayor Hugo Torres to increase visitor security and comfort also have helped tourism rebound, Wong said. Those include establishing a Tourist Police Force and an ombudsman’s office to assist visitors.

The Convention & Visitors Bureau also had two information booths during the weekend, one on downtown Boulevard Benito Juarez and one in the Puerto Nuevo Lobster Village.


Published Thursday, May 29, 2008 7:20 AM by Zinnia Q.


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