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American Physicians help patients find top-notch care in Mexico

With the skyrocketing cost of surgical procedures in the US, a team of American doctors is helping patients find physical and financial relief through a network of top-notch surgeons in Mexico.
Medical TourismUnable to accept the fact that their patients could not afford necessary surgical procedures, physicians Dr. Curtis Page and Dr. Robert Page set out to find an affordable solution. For the past eight years, the team has been putting surgeons in Mexico though a rigorous screening process in order to identify the country’s best surgical care teams. The two doctors then accompanied their patients to Mexico for top quality surgical care at a fraction of the cost of a U.S procedure.

Until now, this service was only available to Dr. Curtis Page and Dr. Robert Page’s personal patients. However, in light of the disturbing trend of rising surgical costs in the US, and armed a long list of trusted surgeons, the team has taken their medical tourism surgical coordination services to a national level.

“The number of people who are living a poor quality of life simply because they cannot afford the cost of a basic surgery is alarming. Someone who is wheelchair bound because they don’t have $50-60,000 for a knee replacement surgery can completely transform their life by having that same surgery in Mexico for $12,000 - $16,000,” says Dr Curtis Page, President of the medical tourism surgical coordination service MedToGo.

Page warns that patients should not attempt to make a choice about an overseas surgeon without proper medical guidance.  As the popularity of medical tourism rises, so too do the risks of patients being given low quality referrals by marketers hoping to make fast referral bonuses.

“We are one of the only medical tourism coordination services operated by doctors – not marketers. We thoroughly evaluate surgeons by traveling to Mexico, collecting resumes, and observing each potential doctor in 2-3 surgeries. We ensure that the doctor has good hands, good technique, good bedside manners, and that they are 100% committed to patient care. We turn down more doctors than we accept and only work with the most highly qualified and the highly skilled,” says Page.

Page says while medical tourism offers the key to a higher quality of life for millions of Americans, patients should be extremely cautious of making their own self-diagnoses or taking recommendations for surgeons from non-medical professionals. As part of its national medical tourism coordination services, MedToGo physicians thoroughly screen each patient to ensure that surgery is safe and necessary, and then connect them with an appropriate surgeon with top credentials.

More information about medical tourism, as well as a list of surgical procedures offered by MedToGo recommended surgeons, is available on MedToGo’s website at: http://www.medtogo.com.

About Med To Go: MedToGo is a doctor-run medical tourism surgical coordination service connecting U.S. patients with highly qualified surgeons in Mexico. MedToGo’s team of doctors have been touring hospitals and developing relationships with highly-recommended, skilled, board-certified, English-speaking doctors throughout Mexico since 2000.

Media Contact:
Robert Page
5030 S. Mill Ave., Suite D-12
Tempe, AZ 85282

Published Wednesday, July 1, 2009 1:37 PM by Zinnia Q.


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