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Medical Tourism in Mexico

An Interview With Our CEO, Wouter Hoeberechts  When did the concept of Medical Tourism first catch your attention? 

At the start of 2006, I read an article about the up and coming industry that allows people to travel abroad to receive medical treatment at a fraction of the cost in the U.S.  Ever since I arrived in the U.S. from The Netherlands, I’ve known that improvements to the US healthcare needed to be made.  My wife’s father is an internationally renowned urologist and professor in Turkey and I became fascinated with the strides that country was making in the delivery of high quality, affordable care.  I started following advances made in other countries like India, Belgium, Mexico and realized North Americans have viable low cost alternatives that are of high quality.  What background do you bring to this venture?  My background is management consulting.  I’ve helped businesses large and small, in multiple industries, develop practical business strategies, manage change, leverage information technology, reengineer customer service functions.    When I examined the Medical Tourism industry, I saw several companies that each did some things quite well, but no single company seemed to pull all the success points together.  With my background in strategy and business process improvement, I knew where the gaps were, and that I could pull together a team of the best minds to manage every aspect of this venture with quality.   What sets WorldMed Assist apart from other medical tourism companies?   In setting up our company we always put our clients’ interest front and center.  For example, we looked very closely at people without any insurance.  They’re at the end of their ropes: the system doesn’t provide for them. We consider it our mission to improve people’s quality of life by putting together a set of options where they can receive economic high quality medical treatments abroad, with every aspect of their care and travel coordinated and simplified.  Another essential component to success in this industry is helping self-insured businesses expand affordable healthcare options for their employees.  My experience is both broad and deep in helping businesses integrate new solutions into existing platforms and coaching them on change management aspects of such a shift.  How do you ensure quality care when you’re several thousand miles away from your patients?  Quality care is job one for us.  We have contracts with experts in all fields related to this industry--doctors, nurses, marketing, customer service, and tourism.  We sign agreements mainly with JCI accredited hospitals that are affiliated with renowned US medical institutions such as Johns Hopkins and Harvard Medical.  We look for hospitals that are able to attract the best talent.  For example, in Anadolu, Turkey, 35% of the physicians are US board certified. We also do an exhaustive study of their capabilities, technology deployment—and their ability to create a smooth, pleasant experience for North American patients.    We help each patient select the right facility and medical team for his or her procedure, then arrange conference calls with the medical team to discuss details.  We stay in close touch during the procedure, and relay information back to the patient’s homefront.  We stay connected to patients throughout the experience and maintain close follow up upon their return.  We know that their satisfaction—and resulting word of mouth promotion of WorldMed Assist—is what will allow us to flourish.  If a patient is dissatisfied, we will do anything in our power to make everything right.    Can employers add a medical tourism option into their health plans? 

Absolutely, and by doing so, they create a win for their business and a win for their employees.   WorldMed Assist begins by listening to the unique needs of each business, and then creates a detailed, tailored plan that addresses: 

Published Wednesday, July 1, 2009 2:25 PM by Zinnia Q.


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