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Group help build homes in Mexico

Pine Island Group Builds Houses in Mexico

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- 1,500 miles away from Southeast Minnesota, is one of the poorest areas in Mexico. Makeshift tents and shacks are what people there call home.

But a group from Pine Island set out to change that and for one family, it became an unforgettable experience.

A nightly round of video games isn't uncommon for Jared and Drew Lohmeyer.

"No electronics or anything? That'd be a big difference," said Drew Lohmeyer.

Last month, the brothers left their games behind and headed to place where Playstations don't exist. Even food is rare in Baja, Mexico.

"They were just thankful for what they had," said Jared Lohmeyer.

The Lohmeyer family, along with more than 50 other people, many from Saint Paul Lutheran Church in Pine Island, traveled to Mexico. There, they built five houses for families.

"Its hard to believe how they lived there, it definitely makes you feel grateful for what you have," said Becky Lohmeyer.

"What that showed me is you don't need stuff in your life, you need family and friends," said Jeff Lohmeyer.

Besides their time, the group donated things like clothes, shoes, school supplies and soccer balls to kids.

"Seeing the kids and their smiles everyday I mean it was unforgettable I mean they were so happy and thankful for everything we'd done," said Jared Lohmeyer.

"We made such a good connection with them and made such good friends with them it was hard to say goodbye," said Drew Lohmeyer.

Back in Pine Island, things are back to normal, Jared and Drew playing more Playstation. But something has changed in them, in this family.

"It has made us closer to ourselves and to God," said Jeff Lohmeyer.

Now more grateful to live under a safe, sturdy roof. Glad they made a difference in the lives of people who have so little.

"Hope you enjoy your house, stay safe," said Drew Lohmeyer.

The group also donated food to people and money to a local orphanage and women's shelter. The church plans to go back to Mexico in three years.

Published Monday, November 14, 2011 5:05 PM by Zinnia Q.


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