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Global Health Voyager buys Medical tourism agency, Planet Hospital

USA: Global Health Voyager buys medical tourism agency, Planet Hospital

Global Health Voyager has bought US medical tourism agency PlanetHospital from Healthcare International Networks. Rudy Rupak, founder of PlanetHospital, will work with GLHV. PlanetHospital has been a pioneer in medical tourism since 2002 and has served thousands of patients to become one of the largest medical travel agencies in the USA.

PlanetHospital will release a new state-of-the-art website by the end of the year, featuring a clean, minimalist appearance that is simple to navigate, and includes an updated customer relationship manager, virtual detailed anatomical procedure body and video of patient testimonials. The business targets individuals, self-insured employers and third party intermediaries by providing a range of services to assist access to medical procedures, including cosmetic surgery, hip replacement and stem cell therapy.

Global Health Voyager is an international medical tourism company that offers technology solutions, medical tourism consulting services, and access to a worldwide network.

PlanetHospital is showing a new documentary on US television networks,” Under the Knife.” The 60-minute documentary  takes a comprehensive look into the process of medical travel, including a PlanetHospital patient’s trip from California to Mexico to get surgery she could not afford in the USA.

Global Health Voyager has added to its global network the Indian hospitals of Apollo Hospitals Group, Assaf Harofeh Medical Center in Israel, and AMERIMED Hospitals in Mexico. Ali Moussavi of Global Health Voyager says, “Mexico is a short plane ride from most cities in the United States, offering convenience and ease of travel – key considerations for those traveling outside the country for medical care. The Mexican government is expecting the number of medical tourism patients to reach 650,000 annually by 2020.”

Global Health Voyager has a strategy to operate as a full-service medical tourism agency in the United States. The company offers access to a network of accredited facilities and providers to patients seeking healthcare, surgical, dental, and wellness procedures.

Global Health Voyager Inc. incorporated on March 14, 2000, changed its focus to develop medical tourism websites and in April 2011, launched its initial medical tourism website www.globalhealthvoyager.com.

The company was formerly known as NT Media Corp. of California, Inc. and changed its name to Global Health Voyager, Inc. in August 2011. The group was founded in 1999 and is based in Los Angeles, California.

The company was originally focused on development, production and distribution of programming in the entertainment industry, including creating music platforms and skilled gaming in the United States and abroad and vertical social and professional networks. The company has phased out several websites, which it had developed, including www.neurotrash.tv, www.singlefathernetwork.com, and www.stemcellstalk.com. NT Media had developed and implemented an aggressive marketing plan for www.singlefathernetwork.com to expand audience and revenue. It also sought to develop of neurotrash.tv, the first in a planned series of websites to establish the organization as an online entertainment and media provider.Neurotrash.tv was a video-sharing site targeting young adults between the ages of 18 and 35. Users were able to post and share videos on the site as well as take advantage of video player to place videos on their own sites, social networking profile pages and blogs. It promoted the development of content by amateur and professional videographers, and information channels. Extensive social networking opportunities exist on the website. NT Media developed and implemented an aggressive marketing plan for neurotrash.tv to expand audience and revenue. The company’s plans to take advantage of these new trends failed and so it has now turned to medical tourism.

So far, the company has announced many deals that are just adding hospitals to a global network or promoting its services. It has yet to send more than a handful of people overseas for treatment, and the PlanetHospital acquisition seeks to turn promises into reality. The latest SEC return shows market capitalization of $ 1.1 million, enterprise valued at $3.2 million, one listed employee, nil revenue and net income of $559,000. Enterprise value is market cap plus debt, minority interest and preferred shares, minus cash and cash equivalents.

Medical tourism news18 November 2011
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