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Tips from travelers in Mexico

As usual, tips from observant travelers persevered through the comments section's critiques, political rants and random efforts at wit over the past year. This collection, chosen for remarks that add new information to the original article or offer recommendations for travel in Mexico, has been edited for space, grammar and clarity. Keep letting us know about your discoveries and unique experiences in 2012.

From "Triathlons to golf tournaments: 15 vacations to get you moving"

"I rode the Rosarito-Ensenada bike ride in 1995 and I absolutely loved it. Ten thousand people all biking 50+ miles from Rosarito beach to Ensenada, and the ride itself wasn't difficult at all — there were families and riders of all ages. It was a really fun time. Upon arrival, the entire town turns out for a huge party. Ensenada was known as a party town for Southern Californians, and lots of young people had fun there. I am saddened by what's happened in Mexico in recent years. … It's a pity, because I'd love to go back & do Rosarito-Ensenada again."  — by miss_piggy

From "Diving into Mexico's tastiest seafood dishes"

"I always eat a lot of different seafoods when in Mexico. In Veracruz it was fantastic: blue crabs, fish, oysters, shrimp, etc. The seafood is also good in Baja but they don't prepare it as well as in Veracruz." — by wow

"The Baja style battered fish tacos took root in the 1960's in Ensenada as Japanese fishermen supplied the tempura batter and Canadian tourists seeking 'fish 'n' chips' food supplied the mayonnaise (white sauce) and slaw." — by alteredcarbon

From "Page turners: Great books about Mexico"

"'The Wind That Swept Mexico' is a great book about the Mexican Revolution. … I will recommend 'The Savage Detectives' — soon to be (if is not already) a classic." — by MonicoNeck

"For a fascinating account of the glorious/tragic Cortes expedition try 'History of the Conquest of Mexico' by William Prescott. 'Mexico, Biography of Power' by Enrique Krauze relates the story of the almost unbroken chain of revolutions that comprise Mexican history over the last 200 years." — by vidair

"Pre-Revolutionary Mexico: 'At the Edge of The Storm,' and 'Tierras Flacas' by Agustin Yañez. The first book is an amazing descriptive look at a small town in Guadalajara pre-revolution. It captures the times, mores, and existence of common people in an isolated small town." — by elpookie

"(David Lida's) first collection of short stories, 'Travel Advisory,' is fantastic, if a bit rougher than his later fiction. His blog is well worth bookmarking for occasional visits. His perspectives and photographs are always a pleasure, often quirky and thought-provoking.

"For history, I'd recommend two large volumes: 'Mexico, A Biography of Power' by Enrique Krauze, which takes the reader through the generations of leadership in Mexico from the fall of the Aztecs to modern times. It helped me to understand not only the tumult of the country's history but also the reasons for the general mindset of the contemporary Mexican people. Also 'Conquest' by Hugh Thomas, which documents the rise and fall of the classical Aztec civilization in vivid detail. It's a real page-turner despite the heartbreaking tragedy of the subject matter. Good companion pieces would be the fine historical fiction novel 'Aztec' by Gary Jennings, still popular after all these years, 'The Conquest of New Spain' by Bernal Díaz (a Spanish priest who served under Cortes) and 'The Broken Spears' by Miguel Leon-Portilla for the Aztec perspective." — by xoconostle

Published Wednesday, January 4, 2012 10:03 AM by Zinnia Q.


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