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World Stem Cells, LLC. Stem Cell Treatments In Cancun at Advanced Cellular Medicine Clinic

World Stem Cells, LLC. Stem Cell Treatments In Cancun at Advanced Cellular Medicine Clinic

World Stem Cells, LLC Stem Cell Therapy at a state of the art clinic in beautiful Cancun. The clinic is staffed by top specialist in the field of stem cell implants and a new laboratory to support the stem cell treatments given.

(PRWEB) February 16, 2012

World Stem Cells, LLC. contract laboratory Advanced Cellular Engineering Lab (Ingenieria Celular Advanzada S.A. de C.V.) a new adult stem cell laboratory being built in Cancun, Mexico to support Stem Cell research, stem cell clinical trials and stem cell treatments. This was accomplished by private funding in conjunction with World Stem Cells, LLC worldstemcells.com a US patient management company, Medicina Biocelular Avanzada , S.E. de C.V. a Mexican patient management company and Advanced Cellular Medicine Clinic of Cancun, a Stem Cell treatment Clinic owned and operated by Dr. Sylvia M. Abblitt a well known board certified hematologist and oncologist, in Cancun.

Uniquely, Dr. Abblitt is one of a limited number of physicians licensed to perform autologous and allogeneic stem cell transplants. Dr. Abblitt has been utilizing stem cell therapies with successes for many years.

She is the president and lab director of Advanced Cellular Engineering Lab (Ingenieria Celular Advanzada S.A. de C.V.). Her extensive background includes having been the laboratory director and head of hematology for Hospital Fernando Quiroz for 11 years. As a pioneer in the stem cell transplant field, she brings a vast array of knowledge to the lab. Her memberships include the american association of blood banks (aabb), Mexican society of transfusional medicine, interamerica society of transfusional medicine, Mexican association) for studies of hematologyandicms and ICMS (international cellular medical society and all patients are monitored by ICMS an independent agency for a period of between 2-20 years on a quarterly basis. Dr. abblitt has had a 26-year clinical practice history.

The laboratory construction is complete and operations were transferred to our new facility. This facility provides Cancun, and patient around the world, a state of the art GLP laboratory to support their stem cell treatments in a beautiful, and positive environment. The lab was designed and constructed to provide one ISO7 lab, one wet lab along with a treatment area. This will allow stem cell retrieval, testing, culturing, selection, counting, analyses and sorting along with cryopreservation, without removal from the lab. This all in house capability reduces the possibility of contamination and errors. Dr. M. Abblitt will operate the Lab under cGMP/cGLP guidelines and use the state of the art facility to provide quality care to her stem cell transplant patients.

Working under the guidelines set forth by ICMS world stem cells, LLC ( http://worldstemcells.com/ ) provides stem cell treatment for ankylosing spondylitis, autism, cerebral palsy, charcot-marie-tooth disease (cmt), crohn’s diseases, copd, fuch’s disease, guillain-barre’ syndrome, hashimoto’s thryroiditis, itp, kidney diseases, macular degeneration, lupus (sle), multiple sclerosis, pad, parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, stroke, ulcerative colitis

The laboratory will be engaged in private clinical trials, IRB’s and joint studies with US companies, Mexican Educational Institutes, US universities and doctors to better understand the benefits and precaution to be taken in the stem cell treatment process.

Published Thursday, February 16, 2012 4:48 PM by Zinnia Q.


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