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Cabo weddings by the beach

If destination weddings are the most happening things during the wedding season, then a wedding by the beach is an icing on that cake.

In Indian mythology, the coming together of air, water and fire is considered most auspicious and thus, newly weds pay their respect to river Ganga or Yamuna – an age-old practice. New-age beach weddings are not only concentrating on this auspicious angle, but are also a lot about beach décor, food and towards making a memorable event for a lifetime.

When choosing a beach for weddings, Bali ranks high. One of the most mystical and beautiful places in the world, Bali is an island of the Gods, a gem located in Indonesia and a favourite travel and wedding destination.

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No article on beach wedding destinations is complete without a mention of the Hawaiian Islands. The sun-drenched Caribbean islands are a hot choice too, courtesy their year-round gorgeous weather and some of the most dramatic sunsets on earth. Idyllic Antigua not only has an unmatched 365 beautiful beaches, it is also home to British Naval Base. Its harbour continues to be a popular yachting destination for the jet-setter. Barbados, Belize, Jamaica and St Lucia are other vacation and wedding hotspots, where magic is created again and again.

In India, Goa is emerging as a popular beach wedding destination. Goa’s long coastline, sandbars dotting it and local cuisines make it an alluring must-visit. The Portuguese culture adds more to the charm of the place.

Getting married on an ocean liner is rapidly gaining favour as a wedding getaway. Cruising is a great alternative to beaches as everything is on your fingertips. Twenty-four hour room service, nightclubs, casinos, thematic dinners and cabaret shows, open decks for cocktail parties make the wedding affair all the more enjoyable. Stops at countries and ports are an added attraction.

A beach wedding offers quite a number of advantages. To start with, there will a limited number of guests rather than a plethora of them, which is the case when holding a wedding or reception at home. Such weddings are fairly informal – dress code doesn’t involve heavy diamond and gold jewellery and shiny Kanjivaram sarees. Not just guests but family members too can sit back and enjoy the wedding as it takes place. No rush, no BlackBerrys or email pressures, no last minute crises.

Little wonder that beach weddings are gaining in popularity.

The writer is an entrepreneur and educationist
Published Sunday, May 20, 2012 7:10 PM by Zinnia Q.


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